Career Spotlight: Tiffany Solum, East coast move leads to love of S.D. living.

by Sioux Falls Development Foundation
Published 05/20/2020

Tiffany Solum made a big move at age 20 – from Pennsylvania, after graduating from nursing school at Penn State University and working as an emergency room trauma nurse at an urban hospital.

“That was way too much for me and I was ready to slow down a bit,” she said. 

She moved to South Dakota, where she had family, and worked for both major Sioux Falls-based health systems in a variety of nursing roles before becoming a clinic administrator and then a home health director.

The agency where she was working left the market, which led her to DocuTap, now Experity, nine years ago. She started in billing, then moved into an implementation role, then a clinical informatics one and then sales. She is now director of solution consultants, overseeing a team that supports field sales reps.

“People tend to think of nurses as true inpatient clinical bedside nurses and forget there can be a separate realm to the nursing world out there,” she said. “We might not be providing direct patient care anymore, but in another aspect we really are.”

While she came from a bigger city, “you will never, ever get me to go back to a big city. I absolutely love it here,” she said.

She and her fiancé have seven kids between them and love to be outside as a family.

“Whether that’s running around the trails in town or bike rides or giving the kids the opportunity to run and explore. We like to travel around the Sioux Falls area and enjoy the camping and lake life, taking the boat on the water.”

Her Experity career also has allowed her to give back locally and internationally. She participated in a company-sponsored mission to Haiti a couple years ago to support local orphanages and bring other programs to the area.

“As a company and team, everyone is always looking out for the community of Sioux Falls,” she added. “Experity is a very community-centered organization. You will often hear our team talk about their volunteer opportunities.”

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