Career Spotlight: Meghan Bowar, Sioux Falls native grows closer to home

by Sioux Falls Development Foundation
Published 05/20/2020

For Meghan Bowar, every day at Experity presents a new challenge to solve. 

The Sioux Falls native stayed closed to home for school, completing the nursing program through USD in Sioux Falls, doing nursing internships in town, and beginning as a pediatric nurse at Sanford Health in 2006.

After the birth of her second daughter, she was looking for a career change that would offer a little more flexibility.

“I was looking for something else and I really saw the technology aspect of health care as an opportunity to grow,” she said. “I’ve always been interested in technology.”

She now manages a team of three product owners who work on Experity’s newest electronic medical records platform while maintaining its legacy system. 



“I love Sioux Falls,” she added. “I garden with my neighbors, go on walks, my kids and I go fishing at the park. We have great schools and it’s amazing to see the quality of education we have in Sioux Falls as well as the opportunities for our kids to do sports.”