Talent Talks - The Sioux Falls Advantage

by Denise M. Guzzetta, Vice President of Talent and Workforce Development for the Sioux Falls Development Foundation
Published 05/20/2020

The Sioux Falls Advantage

This month’s Talent Talks delves deeper into the “why” behind the tagline The Sioux Falls Advantage and how our community’s ability to navigate and respond to change is supported by a strong foundation.

At the Sioux Falls Development Foundation (SFDF), we recognize our community’s resilient nature is a key advantage, especially during this uncertain time. It equips us to address our economic and workforce challenges. And it is one of our goals to help communicate that position of strength through the lens of attracting and retaining a workforce that meets our community’s needs.

Our state and city government have a history of sound financial performance, with the lowest debt per capita among our peers in neighboring states. Our city’s financial reporting has been accurate and timely for three decades, earning accolades from the Government Finance Officers Association. These are all competitive advantages for our community as workers consider stable places to grow their careers.

We also continue to experience the tremendous responsiveness and willingness within our community to share and exchange best talent and workforce development practices.

Throughout April and May, SFDF has been fortunate to host 13 separate virtual talent programming events with community partners including Avera Health, Central Square Technologies, Good Samaritan Society, Helpline Center, Raven Industries, Sanford Health, and U.S. Department of Transportation.

Our virtual programming started with SFDF’s Recruitment Council, as our members shared how to engage and retain our area’s employees amid social distancing. Our SFDF’s Talent Talks then focused on maintaining the talent pipelines of high-demand occupations for nurses and skilled care, respiratory therapy and computer programming engineering. Our partners left our programming events with tangible and practical applications to apply to their talent and workforce needs immediately.

Another key advantage to stress in our community is our ability to provide a career continuum of opportunity for talented, skilled members of our workforce. There are paths for meaningful contribution that allow for leveraging these workers’ innate passion for civic duty.

This month’s edition ends with an extensive view into the career journeys of three technical nursing professionals, whose paths from bedside patient care to working on a new software application created and implemented within 24-hours to support 6,000 clinics currently navigating Covid-19. The career journeys of Tiffany Solum, Shana Hennies and Meghan Bower of Experity are inspiring and provide tangible proof of the meaningful opportunities available right here in Sioux Falls.