Early career spotlight: Southeast Tech grad finds match with Muth Electric

by Sara J. Gillis, Director of Talent & Workforce Development
Published 09/18/2019

Tell us about yourself, including where you are from, why a technical institute was the right choice for you, and what led you to pursue the program you selected at Southeast Tech.

My name is Logan Bosch, and I’m from Luverne, Minnesota. A technical institute was a good choice for me because it allowed me to get a good education while also allowing me to get into the workforce faster and start earning money sooner than I would have if I would have gone to a four-year university.

I decided to pursue the Electrician program because it had always interested me, and I like the ability to do things with my hands and be on my feet all day.


Tell us about your current position at Muth Electric, as well as how Muth Electric supported you through Southeast Tech’s Sponsor a Scholar program. What are your job responsibilities today?

I began working for Muth Electric while I was at Southeast Tech, and I also worked for them during the summers. As part of the Sponsor a Scholar program, Muth Electric supported me through the Electrician program; they allowed me to take time to focus on homework and my studies, and they wanted to see me succeed at my program.

Now that I have graduated from Southeast Tech, I now must work for Muth Electric for three years. I am very happy with Muth Electric and the Sponsor a Scholar program. I would highly recommend the program to anyone who is interested in the Build Dakota program.

Today, I am working as an apprentice electrician at Muth Electric. I work on pulling wires, and I work on the electrical systems of buildings and facilities.


What intrigued you about studying at Southeast Tech, as well as living in Sioux Falls?

I liked studying at Southeast Tech because it was a good school, and the faculty and staff there were very invested in seeing the students succeed. Living in Sioux Falls has been quite the change from living in the country. Going from living two miles outside of Luverne, a town of 4,000 people, to living in a city of more than 150,000 people was quite the shock at first, but it is a nice change of pace, and I am enjoying living here now.


What career goals do you hope to achieve in the future?

My first goal is to earn my journeyman license. That will enable me, someday, to be a foreman and run my own jobs.