Talent Talks: Talent Pathways to 2030

by Denise M. Guzzetta, Vice President of Talent & Workforce Development
Published 03/10/2020

This year’s WIN in Workforce content focuses on the creation and development of strong employer branding and how this fundamental corporate strategy combines human resources and marketing tactics in order to set the foundation for businesses to attract and retain desirable talent that’s essential to their grow and expansion within the Sioux Falls region.

Over the next nine months, we will use data analyzed from resources, such as Deloitte Human Capital and Gartner’s Human Capital Insights, to share what we feel are some of the best tools available for smaller organizations within our community to engage and effectively win the war for top talent within the upper North Central Region.

We have also surveyed 279 member organizations within our community to understand what they are doing to embed talent attraction and retention practices together, which internally requires cross-function teams to work effectively and in tandem together while balancing their own departmental priorities as we all work together to expand our labor market by 15,000 by 2021.

To give you a glimpse of what’s to come in 2020, the Sioux Falls Development Foundation is focused on serving our business partners in the region by providing best practices for you to consider implementing to grow your market share, to hire the right employees, and to do what you do best: conduct business. By transforming and expanding your business with the right engagement processes and metrics to measure success and to improve tactics, the entire life of an employee becomes easier to manage.

Some of the best practices we will share with you this year include:

- Data-driven HR tools to assist your business to best understand and model your most successful employees by embedding these employee attributes and characteristics into your messaging and marketing. This will assist with driving more interest in your companies from like-minded future employees.

- Employee gamification strategies to assist with engagement and rewards to retain your most successful employees who are dedicated to the same mission and purpose for organization’s success. While there will always be power in pen-to-paper, visual leaderboards, engagement software can also assist small organizations with effectively onboarding employees, compliance training or even professional development. These technologies are most helpful to smaller organizations, whose personnel need to efficiently and timely respond to employees’ needs and requests often when tasked with multiple and competing priorities.

- HR Chatbots, which are similar technologies used for instant or text messaging, allow smaller organizations to respond to employees and customers without delay and time lags. This matters as employers increasingly embrace The Gig Economy, which can mean that your messaging and communications to your highly skilled employees may involve working directly with independent contractors  or employees working in a satellite office.

- Incentivized wellness packages, which can help companies of all sizes understand what this new generation of workers wants as part of their compensation packages. Companies surveyed include small organizations within our community who demonstrate strong retention rates for early career talent through their focus on wellness and incentivized healthcare packages.    

- The reskilling movement, which aims to assist with your organization with the analysis and planning processes for professional development of all employees, whether the needs are for soft-skill training, including taking initiative and time management, to hard-skill development involving technology, software training and financial management courses.  According to the National Society for Human Resource Management in 2019, the average small business spends $367,490 in training and personal development of existing employees.

Thank you for all that you do to advance the business community in our region and for your support of the Sioux Falls Development Foundation. Stay tuned for another Talent Talks column next month!