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How to equip the next generation of leaders in any industry

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a five-person organization or a 5,000-person one, the women delivering a breakout session at Thursday’s WIN in Workforce Summit have a message for you.

“These are foundational pieces any organization needs to be aware of today to attract and retain and keep really good employees,” said Christine Buell, director of leadership development at Avera Health.

Buell will be joined for a discussion with Linda Halliburton, associate dean of workforce education and professional development at the Community College for Sioux Falls. The breakout, titled “How to equip the next generation of leaders for any industry,” will be moderated by Pam Hanneman, vice president and business banking manager at First Premier Bank.

Their session is one of several in the area of talent attraction. The WIN Summit, presented by the Sioux Falls Development Foundation, also includes expert insight in the areas of talent development and business practices.

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Molecular geneticist takes the helm of USD Discovery District

It’s been a few short weeks since Dr. Mark Brown stepped to the podium at the USD Community College for Sioux Falls and, as the new USD Discovery District president, helped to announce the forthcoming expansion of LifeScape’s future hospital, school and rehabilitation center. Housed on 31.6 acres of the USD Discovery District, the new LifeScape campus will be well suited to spark collaboration and innovation amongst students, medical professionals and researchers.

And given his diverse education in molecular genetics and microbiology and his background in the areas of public health and undergraduate research, Dr. Brown, too, is uniquely equipped to make a tremendous impact in his new role.

The Sioux Falls Development Foundation recently sat down with Dr. Brown to learn more about him and the innovation he plans to bring about to build upon the success of the USD Discovery District

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Workforce development in 2020: Attracting, retaining and developing talent through collaboration

Career, community and cause.

That’s what research shows drives decision-making for talented workers today, and those three concepts help form the cornerstone for how the Sioux Falls Development Foundation plans to build on its approach to meeting current and future industry workforce needs.

“Talent today wants to feel a career path exists for them to develop professionally and contribute to a company with purpose, and beyond that, they want to feel they can connect to a community and support causes they’re passionate about,” said Denise Guzzetta, vice president of talent and workforce development for the Sioux Falls Development Foundation. “Our efforts this year will put an enhanced focus on showing those career journeys from childhood through retirement and on highlighting our incredible community and the individuals who give of themselves to make it the kind of place where others will want to build their future.”

The Sioux Falls Development Foundation, backed by Forward Sioux Falls and its investors, leads the workforce development effort for the Sioux Falls community and is coming off a strong year.

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